Wednesday, July 30, 2014

KwaZulu-Natal: Adventures Getting To Kosi Mouth

Following a guided boat tour of the lakes in Kosi Bay, we headed out on our own, taking our trusty Nissan to tackle the drive to Kosi Mouth where the lakes empty into the Indian Ocean. Armed only with vague and conflicting directions from other blogs, and knowing that if we reached Mozambique we'd gone too far, we embarked on the 8 km drive. By sheer luck we managed to find the unsigned turnoff, only to be denied access to the park because we had not acquired the entry permit at the seemingly nonexistent tourist office. We stopped at a nearby lodge, where a random employee was happy to sell us the permit at twice the price. Permit in hand, we headed through the gate and began our (Giorgio's) 4x4 challenge.

Both Giorgio and our Nissan handled the challenge admirably until we reached the bottom of the hill, where the deep sand defeated us. Some friendly locals were happy to help dig us out and push the car for a small tip. We were rewarded by finally reaching the Indian Ocean - a first for both of us. 

The adventure-filled drive convinced us to take the highway rather than the scenic 4x4 route to St. Lucia (tomorrow's destination). 

We are currently enjoying much needed sundowners on the deck by the lake, with the added bonus that the quinine in the tonic water should help with any malaria. 


PS: mamá, papá - supongo que las lecciones 4x4 en la Hyundai Galloper ayudaron de algo. "Cuarta!!!"

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