Sunday, June 14, 2015

Swansoni Team Dispatch From Perú

It’s been a while since we updated our blog, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t still having adventures!  We’re busy exploring our new home, whether that means finding the best ceviche in Lima or an as-yet undiscovered tourist site in one of the provinces. 

For our first adventure outside of the city, we headed north to the coast for Semana Santa a couple months ago.  Steph was excited for her first beach experience in Perú, particularly after learning that the water in the northern part of the country is much warmer than the water here in Lima.

That being said, she was even more excited for our stop in Piura en route for her first visit to the Mosoni mango plantation!  Once the manager of the chacra had wrangled two of its resident horses, we explored the innumerable hectares of mango trees.  Steph received a lot of attention as the visiting gringa who was able to get on a horse with a quick leg up and ride without a saddle.  Sadly, mango season was over and we didn’t get a chance to conduct any taste tests.  However, look out for mangos from Perú labeled with a "Pepita" sticker between January and March if you want to conduct your own taste test! 

From Piura, we headed north to the beach.  Steph wasn’t really sure what to expect, although the Lonely Planet website had mentioned that Máncora was the destination for the Peruvian jet set.  Were we the Peruvian jet set? 

It turns out that Máncora is the perfect spot for some rest and relaxation, full of impressive beach houses lining the oceanfront.  We stayed along the picturesque stretch of sand known as Las Pocitas, named for the pools formed among the rocks at low tide.  We’re counting the long weekend as a success, since we ate far too much incredibly fresh fish, somehow managed to finish two cases of wine, and fit in a walk or two along the beach.

Plus there were rainbows and sunsets!

Stay tuned for updates over the upcoming months (summer for most of our readers, winter for us)!  We’ll let you know whether our plane crashes while viewing the Nazca lines later this month and whether Steph and Anna survive their hike to Choquequirao - Machu Picchu’s “undiscovered” sister citadel.


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