Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Zion National Park: Natural Wonders and Post-Vegas Detox

We haven’t just been skiing in Aspen or gambling in Las Vegas – we also embarked on a classic road trip through the southwest to visit several national parks we had missed during prior travels.  First stop: Zion National Park!

Driving west from Las Vegas, we quickly left the bright lights behind and sped west along the interstate.  Eventually, we exited the desert and arrived at the magnificent canyon that is the centerpiece of Zion National Park.  As we took in the precipitous cliffs and red-tinged rocks, Giorgio remarked that he had never seen anything like this in the United States.  “I’ve never thought of the US as a place with natural wonders,” he marveled.

Since Giorgio had clearly spent too much time in the cities of the east coast and we both needed some fresh air after three days in Vegas, we decided to embark on a strenuous hike to make the most of our time in Zion.  We scaled a series of switchbacks and scrambled through a narrow canyon.

We completed our ascent via a narrow rock ledge to reach observation point where we soaked in the views of the unexpected American natural wonder laid out before us.

Both on the trail and on the road, we also attempted to recreate last summer’s safari experience.  Although Utah isn’t teaming with the most exotic wildlife, we did find several unique creatures crossing the road and hiding in the bushes.

More updates from our adventures in the American Southwest coming soon!


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