Friday, December 26, 2014

SNW to RGN to BKK to NRT to SEA to MSP

Last Thursday, we embarked on a lengthy series of flights.  Final destination: Christmas in Minneapolis!

A brief flight brought us back to Yangon, where we revisited our favorite restaurant (999 Shan Noodles) and bar (the Strand).  We also discovered a beautiful new pagoda with an absolutely massive reclining Buddha.

The following day, we arrived back in Bangkok for a stopover of less than 12 hours prior to the longest series of flights.  We didn’t have time for many adventures, except for accidentally having dinner at some sort of Thai version of Hooters.

On Saturday, 22+ hours of flights brought us all the way to Minnesota.  (Despite the lengthy flights, we managed to arrive in the US not long after our original takeoff time in Bangkok -- the international dateline continues to boggle our mind!)

In Seattle, we may have started to hallucinate.  Regardless, we began to get into the Christmas spirit when Rudolph joined us in the Delta lounge.

Here in Minnesota, we’re enjoying time with the family as we decorate the Christmas tree, cook Christmas dinner, and sing Christmas carols at the annual holiday party.  Merry Christmas!

We retrace most our route back to Bangkok tomorrow.  We will celebrate the New Year before anyone else in the northern city of Chiang Mai, Thailand!

#stephandgio (and Lisa)

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