Friday, November 14, 2014

Where in the world are #stephandgio?

It’s been almost two weeks since our last post, so some of you may be wondering where on earth we are.
To answer that question (whether or not you were wondering), we have been on three different continents and several countries (and cities) over the past couple weeks. 

First, we flew from Madagascar, to South Africa and onward to the United States – New York to be more specific.  Arriving back in the US, we expected to be scrutinized at customs after our lengthy sojourn abroad, but instead sailed through, leaving plenty of time to wander the Manhattan streets early in the morning before anyone else was awake.  This was also the perfect time to have a much-missed bagel and real espresso, plus Giorgio was forced to get a much-needed haircut.  We also had a great time catching up with everyone in the city!

From NYC, we headed south to New Orleans, one of several US destinations on our itinerary that we’ve missed in prior travels.  We thoroughly enjoyed our three days exploring the city.  We wandered the streets of the French Quarter and Garden District, ate way too much delicious food, successfully negotiated the public transit system, and had one or two sazeracs.  After spending so much time in New York, we were also shocked (and pleasantly surprised) to meet so many people that went out of their way to be nice to us. 

One of the many things New Orleans is known for is their elaborate cemeteries filled with above ground crypts and mausoleums.  On a related note, can anyone explain why we found Nicolas Cage’s future tomb in one of the city’s many cemeteries?  And why is it a pyramid?  We are incredibly confused.

Last Thursday, it was time for the real reason we travelled back to the US -- Lisa and George’s wedding weekend in Washington, DC!

We had an absolutely amazing weekend celebrating with the lovely couple and the Swanson/Lindgren/Kalantzakis families.  In addition to the actual wedding, there were dance parties, Bridesmaids reenactments, and wedding day Shake Shack with the gorgeous bride and seven other bridesmaids.  As an added bonus, we both learned what a Greek Orthodox wedding ceremony is like; Giorgio got to wear a tux for the first time ever; and Steph didn’t mess up giving the speech she wrote while on the beach in Madagascar.

After the festivities in DC, we made another brief stopover in NYC before embarking on the lengthy journey to Bangkok via Hong Kong.  Coming soon… our update from our first few days in Bangkok!


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